Meat Merchant Casuarina is your local family-owned artisan butcher. Our meats are entirely Australian and are sourced from some of the best farmers you could know. Whether it’s the quick weeknight meal, the weekly roast, or the special occasion; we’ve got the cut for you. 

As we said, our suppliers are first class quality and provide us with the freshest, highest grade meats. Our go-tos are:

  • Cape Grim
  • Wanderer
  • Tasmanian Lamb
  • Sun Pork
  • Salumi Australia
  • Borgo
  • Nerang Park Chicken

The artisan meats range available from Meat Merchant Casuarina:

  • Steaks
  • Roasts
  • Chops
  • Gourmet sausages
  • Wide range of value added meats

The weeknight ready meal:

Ditch the frozen lasagne. You’re better than that. 

It’s time to ditch the frozen lasagnes and ready meals that have been sitting on shelves for who knows how long. The Meat Merchant team has got you covered when it comes to prepared meals.

We assemble the most delicious local ingredients into meals that you can throw right into the oven or onto the pan like our:

  • Lasagne
  • Pies

Our meats are sustainable, free range, ethical, pasture fed and celebrated. Come in and see for yourself today

Shop 6, 482 Casuarina Way, Casuarina (next to Coles)